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Home Nursing Services in Kochi , Ernakulam

Elderly Care

We can provide professional and trained Elderly Care Assistants (Male or Female) who can take care of the food, medicines and other daily needs of the patron. They will also assist in Medical Check Ups, Hospital Visit, etc.

Hospital Assistance - Bystander/ Attender

We can provide professional and trained Bystanders (Male or Female) for patrons who are admitted in the hospital.

Special Travel Assistance

We can provide professional and trained Assistants (Male or Female), with or without cab/driver, to accompany patrons who need assistance to consult a doctor or for any other special travel needs.

Shadow Teacher / Attendant

We can provide Trained and Qualified Teachers or Attendants to guide, lead and support specially needs children/persons.

Nanny Services

We can provide Trained Assistants to take care new-born babies and children.

Errand / Concierge Services

Too busy to run Errands? Need to get medicines or groceries but don’t have the time? Or want to pick/drop something? We are here to help you with it!

Drivers / Cab Services

We can provide either Cabs with Drivers or Drivers only (as chauffer for patron-owned vehicles).


We can provide a wide-variety of people care services based on your demand. All our services can be customized as per your unique needs, as much as possible. Contact us to know more!!

We all look forward to healing in the privacy of one’s own home with the entire care and attention of family and friends. However, being at home and receiving treatment may need numerous hospital trips, particularly for daily medicines and procedures. This entails a great deal of travel, traffic jams, and long lineups. But what if you had someone to help you at every step? Wouldn’t it have been nice? Hence Kea is here to provide the best Home Nursing Services in Kochi.
Patient safety in the home is just as critical as in hospitals. Inadequate home safety might result in needless or preventable hospitalizations. Members of a patient’s family are frequently tasked with providing medical care for which they are unqualified. They must also manage their work and home duties while caring for their loved ones. Our nurses have been educated to provide a variety of services to assist in the care of the elderly and sick.
Home Nursing Services include more than just having qualified and experienced nurses come to the patient’s home. We believe in acting as an extended family member and ensuring the patient’s entire well-being.
As a result, we train our nurses to be more like companions on the road to recovery.
We have a committed team of skilled nurses and medical caretakers to assist you to obtain the best nursing care at reasonable prices in the comfort of your own home. As the most trustworthy providers of Home Nursing Services in Ernakulam, we offer top-notch nursing care from a team of committed, certified, trained, and experienced nurses to help you heal and recuperate at home.