About Us

"Care with kea"

On-Demand People Care & Facility Mgmt. Services

We are a team of professional service providers who provide On-Demand People Care & Facility Management Services. Our highly trained staff will assist your loved ones with utmost care. Kea services are founded on principles so we see them as our extended family and treat them with respect. We are the most trustworthy home nursing services in Ernakulam who will handle your loved ones with responsibility and affection.
What we look forward to is caring for your loved ones with love, respect and serve them with dignity. Unlike other home nursing services Kea services do not have any hidden costs and are ready to provide our services in any emergency situation. We also provide Free consulting which is an added advantage for the people you care about. Fast services at affordable prices make us your best choice for the perfect home nursing services in Kochi.
What do Kea Services do?
We are professional service providers who have trained assistants to take care of elderly people with food, medicines and assist them in Medical Check-Ups, Hospital visits, etc We also provide bystanders and special travel assistants to accompany patrons. We also have qualified teachers or people. We also have professionals to take care of newborn babies and children. We also provide cab drivers or drivers only also. With Kea services you do not have to worry when you missed getting medicines or groceries, we will help you. Kea services have a wide variety of services based on your demands and we also provide customized services for you.

Why Choose Us

Our Principles

Our Principles are the foundation stones of the Organisation.

  1. We will always do the right thing and act with respect, professionalism, and trustworthiness.
  2. We will work with our affiliates, customers, vendors and each other with mutual understanding and integrity.
  3. We will strive to excel in what we do and we will also seek to improve constantly.
  4. We will give higher priority to our long-term goals than our short-term performance.
  5. We will protect the resources given to us including, but not limited to, finances, data, customers, vendors and affiliates.
  6. We encourage an environment that nurtures openness, values different opinions and tolerates honest mistakes, to the best of what is feasible.
  7. We are only stewards of the resources provided to us, and we must utilise these resources faithfully and in the most worthwhile manner.
  8. We are committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility
  9. We will continually remind ourselves of our limitations, to avoid hubris and to exhort ourselves to be better.
  10. We will plan and make investments for the future and create reserves for adverse times.